Mingo Origin Story

The Double 8s to The Mingos

In the heart of a small town in Kansas nestled among rolling hills and windy terrain, there was a disc golf tournament renowned among enthusiasts: the Dynamic Disc Open. Each year, the event drew competitors and spectators, all eager to witness the skill and finesse required to conquer its challenging holes.

Among the throngs of fans that gathered at the tournament, there emerged a group that stood out not only for their enthusiasm but also for their distinctive pink attire. Clad in flamingo shirts adorned with the number 16, they dubbed themselves "The Double 8s." Their chosen spot was the famous island hole 16, where discs danced over water, testing the nerves of even the most seasoned players.

As they cheered on their favorite competitors, The Double 8s caught the attention of onlookers and participants alike. Their infectious energy and passion for the sport became a focal point of the tournament. People began to inquire about their shirts, and soon, the group seized an opportunity to spread their love for disc golf beyond the confines of the event.

With a portion of the proceeds from their shirt sales, The Double 8s decided to support disc golf charities, such as the Sockibomb Foundation, a charity close to the heart of many disc golfers. Their gesture garnered widespread support, and their reputation as ambassadors for the sport began to flourish.

But The Double 8s didn't stop there. Inspired by their shared love for the island hole 16, they decided to organize a charity event of their own: the Mingo throw. Named after the pink flamingos that often dotted the island, the Mingo throw welcomed both professionals and amateurs to test their skills on the illustrious hole.

The event was a resounding success, drawing participants from near and far and raising funds for various charitable causes. The mingling of pros and amateurs on hole 16 forged bonds and friendships that transcended skill level, embodying the spirit of community that The Double 8s cherished.

As the years passed, The Double 8s evolved into something more than just a fan group. They became The Mingos, a collective of individuals united by their passion for disc golf and their commitment to giving back. Through charity work and service to local and regional courses, The Mingos continued to spread their love for the sport, leaving a lasting impact on the disc golf community and beyond.